"TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE..." William Shakespeare (Hamlet Act 1, Scene 3, 78–82). I have always believed that the greatest art is made when the artist remains true to himself.  Art, to me, is a labor of love and a telling of truth. Art is the product of skill and toil that transcends process, inspires thought, and enriches discourse.  


FRANCISCO ESCOBAR - "An award-winning director and cinematographer with over two decades of working experience in the Film & Television industries, brings his knowledge, talents and expertise to screen and print. A New York native, Francisco has worked extensively in all phases of the production process and has credits in American and foreign major motion pictures, broadcast television, independent feature films as well as music videos and documentaries.

Francisco is the owner of FRESKO Imageworks in New York, a creative service that provides cinematography, lighting, photography and production services to a variety of clients and companies producing work in the film and television realm. He has contributed to work seen in movie theaters across America and abroad; in such television outlets as NBC, IFC, MTV Networks, FUSE, BET, PBS, Time-Warner Cable and Plum TV. His directing, cinematography and lighting have also been prominently featured in numerous film festivals, including TRIBECA Film Festival (Malcolm & Mona, Loss of Innocence), Los Angeles Film Festival (This Is Our Secret), Women in Film (Hunger), Rotterdam International Film Festival (The Warlord), and many more.

Francisco is, in addition to a cinematographer and director, a classically trained artist and master photographer who also works as an adjunct cinematography and lighting Instructor at New York University’s Film Intensive Workshop and has his film (Loss of Innocence) used since 2006, as curriculum sample material at the New School University’s production course on experimental film." 

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